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HUBEN PCP Airgun .25 Cal HUBEN PCP Airgun .25 Cal
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Ultra Shock .177 - 10.3 Grains - 350 Count

9 MM / 35 cal Cricket

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9 MM / 35 cal Cricket
9mm / 35 cal.
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The new BIG bore Cricket bullpup IS here. This is not a plinker- pelet gun but a full-blown hard core hunting rifle. It is just as compact as the .25 cal [33 "] and nearly the same weight as the .25 in a synthetic stock --8 lb 10 oz. Something new to the Cricket design is there is a cocked/uncocked indicator at the back of the reciever ----fantastic idea !!! Another new addition to the design is a safety. Just forward of the trigger it is the same safety set-up as a Theoben or M-rod. or P-12.
Airguns of Arizona, FZ Wildcat,Pyramid
 Shot count is 20-24 at 110-100 fpe. Still has over 50 foot pounds of energy at 100 yds
Feature: NEW shipment is here
Feature: 110 foot pounds of energy
Feature: Compact BIG bore --33 inches long
Feature: comes with two magazines, 9 shot mag. AND a cheek piece
Feature 6
Sound: I live in a residential area with neighbors on three side. Behind the house is open dessert. I zeroed in at 28 yds in only a few shots. It was a good morning to shoot [a cool 70*, no wind or phone calls :o) so I carried a 4'x4' sheet of plywood and a box filled with phone books to an open spot in front of a tree [ we call them trees even though they're only 12 feet tall ]. My next door neighbors had company that just arrive and they were having coffee on the back patio. I estimated the elevation adjustment [ yea I guessed at it ]. Turned the turret and still had adjustment left. WHAAP ---through the top of the plywood; Dialed down THUMP ---bottom of the box; A few clicks up THUMP, THUMP, THUMP, THUMP THUMP, THUMP. 6 shots, About a three inch group in the box. My neighbor looks over the fence [3 feet high] and asks me what I'm shooting at. She said she can hear the usual 'click' of the airgun but couldn't figure out where the loud thumping sound is from. The impact is significantly louder than the gun. When I finished shooting I walked out to retrieve the target-board and box, but I walked over to the street [about 50 yds over to the side] to come back home. A new neighbor saw me and introduced herself and said how nice it is I pick-up trash in the desert [I just nodded]. After I found out she is not anti-gun I told her the 'trash' is my target board. She was actually fascinated that a pellet gun would shoot that far. I asked if the noise from the shooting disturbed her; She said she never herd a shot.
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