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Bobcat vs. the Cricket

Posted by Petr on 11/3/2014 to articles
I hear a lot of negative retoric about the FX Bobcat from airgun shops that do not sell them; I thought to myself I need to experiance the truth for myself.
WELLL--I finally got one !!!
I purchased the Bobcat from a friend. He bought it from AoA with the regulator shroud extension and the long air cylinder. He said he paid $2300 or 2400 for the Bobcat ---wow--. The Cricket is only $1475.-at Topgun-Airguns.
So far my first impressions of the FX are: looks big for a Bullpup; feels big and a little over weight. Smooth action, very quiet, easy to fill, nice trigger.
The first impressions of the Cricket are: nice ballance, easy to load magazine, nice stock design, impressive power.
I finally got to shoot the Bobcat and the Cricket at target.  The Target I like to use has 120 targets that are the 10 and the 9 ring from 25 meter benchrest.
I set it up at 28 yards. You might ask why 28....that's where my pellet trap is concealed in the bushes.  The morning was as perfect to shoot as can be. No wind; no heat; no phone calls.
One of the weak links to shooting bullpups is the they often have sloppy triggers. They either wiggle and or there no adjustment ability. The triggers of the Bobcat and the Cricket both feel good and tight but because of my curious nature I have to see what's inside. Both of these bullpups have nice tight linkage to their triggers. The Bobcat has externally accessible adjustment screws, where as the Cricket you have to remove the stock. Personally I do not like a first stage on my triggers and on both guns I was able to adjust out the the annoying fist stage.

Of what use is a bullpup if it doesn't shoot accurately. So I took it out to my 28 yd back-yard-shooting range –why 28, because at 29 there is a big clump of cactus and bushes. Both pups where aired and sighted using JSB King. The Bobcat was awkward to shoot from the bench because of the high profile of the design. The Cricket is only a little sturdier on a rest. I used a shooting bag and not a target rest. But neither one is intended to be bench-guns, these guns are hunting tools.
Both bullpups shot outstanding.  The Cricket hit a couple more 'x's but both hit where aimed. The accuracy I'd say is a tie.
The big difference comes down to size. The Cricket is 33 1/2" long while the Bobcat is 37". You can get the Bobcat in a shorter configuration but then the power and shot count drop.  The Bobcat is also a lot heavier; one and a half pounds worth. That's like carring an extra scope.
In summary both bullpups shot equally well and both have very good triggers and both have the same shot count. I really like the side gauge on the Bobcat. The Bobcat because of its size, is a great carbine, but a little big and heavy for a bullpup. My pick between the  two---Cricket.









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