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Compairing hunting guns

Posted by Rada on 10/12/2014 to articles

Hunting airguns

I have read quite a few airgun reviews and many are done very well. They help the airgun buyer make an informed decision about the type ie. Springer, PCP, multi-shot, they are planning on getting. But I have seen very few reviews comparing comparable guns side by side.

I am going to attempt such a review. I'm going to compare 5 different hunting rifles. They are; Air Arms 410/510, FX 400, Kalibrgun Carbine, R.A.W HM1000 and HW-100. All in the same calibre and all in the same quality stock, walnut. The reasoning I'm using to choose these are; They are all high quality manufacture, all have a reputation for accuracy, multi-shot, and all are side-levers.

All the rifles have a very good quality finish, they are just different. The Air Arms has a beautiful deep black bluing on the air cylinder. The rest of the gun has a high-tech Teflon finish that chemical resistant and is extremely tough against scratches. I know 'cause I have removed the finish to re-anodize the receiver –what a pain in the neck.

The FX 400 and the HW-100 are very similar. Both receivers have a deep black high-gloss finish. Looks really classy. The exposed barrel on the FX has a respectable blued finish while the HW has an anodized shroud over the barrel.

The Kalibrgun Carbine also has a tough scratch resistant finish on the cylinder and action while the barrel has a decent blue and the mod. is nicely anodized.

Finally the HM looks to have a nicely anodized receiver and and mod. The exposed barrel has a nice bluing on it.

A quick story about finishes:

A friend was telling me that him and his hunting buddy were on the opposite sides of a small valley in full camo. He couldn't see his companion but could see the shine off of the gun.

All the guns are side-lever but they all have different feel to them. The Kalibrgun has the shortest lever so it has the most resistance and the HM has the longest and is the easiest.

The HW-100 is very unique has to how it cocks. The lever when pulled only advances the magazine and the action cocks on the forward stroke. All the others cock on the pull stroke.

There is one other great feature about the HW; you can not double load pellets. The mag

doesn't rotate until after you fire.

I am a little surprised about the verities of magazines. FX and HW have similar mags, they are both self-indexing. In other words they jump to the next pellet whenever the probe is pulled back. It simplifies the gun 'cause there is no need for a mechanical advancing system on or in the gun. But they are a nuisance to reload – but you get use to it. Speaking of getting use to it; the Kalibrgun system takes a few tries to master the skill of inserting the mag and getting the advancing arm in the auto mode. The mag itself is just an open drum. And easy to fill. The HW is by far the best system.

One latch you pull back to unlock the mag. The mag has a spring loaded ball that keeps it from falling out. Then you pull the mag out ---how simple is that !!! The Air Arms is a happy in-between. There is a spring catch/retainer on the receiver and has a basic push mechanism to rotate the mag. The AA mag is loaded without any winding/rewinding then put the pellet in backwards. Just rotate either direction and drop a pellet into the opening nose first.

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