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Posted by Rada on 7/9/2013 to articles

This looks like another first for me this year. First it was getting a hold of a bullpup in the name of Kaliber/Cricket. Now it's a big bore rifle in the name of Boss .308. This is one amazing rifle for power and accuracy. One thing that's amazing is the size and cost of the pellets. I was told each pellet runs .10 per shot. That struck me as a very serious piece of equipment. If there was a shortage of squirrels in the woods I would not be shoot'n pinecones. Something I don't have a problem with if I was carrying a .22. 

This is a PCP using a 500 cc air bottle. It is a large stocky proposition partly covered by the fore end. The fill pressure is 220 bar and it looks like the regulator is set from 120 to the 220 bar. I did not go bellow the 120 mark since I noticed the regulator was starting to get less and less air into it. But then I did not need to go bellow, I shot fifty perfectly accurate shots from one fill. I did notice the rifle was a bit nosier at my 36th shot then stayed about the same till 47 shot it seemed small amount louder. But that is very subjective, to someone else it may be negligible not worthy of mention. All shots were nice and mild I would say about like a Cricket .25 cal. The Cricket .25 has a small amount of recoil. And with a pellet this size (JSB 44.75 grains) that is amazing. Cocking is very easy and smooth. All shots I did as single shot, but the rifle does come with a 9 round magazine. One thing I did not like is the stock. The good part is it will set your eye right even with the scope and is comfortable. But for the money FX wants, the wood is on the blah category. And I don't like the ambi, stock. I never seen anyone shoot from one side then switch to the other side for more shooting. Dedicated stocks have a class of their own either left of right handed. At least it is walnut just not very nicely figured one. 

All my shots went over the chronograph. The very first shot registered 802.4 feet per second then the second jumped to 836.3 fps. I have noticed that some guns when just charged up will have a low first shot. If I am shooting bench rest I will shoot one or two shots into a practice target. This way the air gets settled in the regulator. Not all work this way so you will have to figure out your setup. The highest was 863.0 fps on 33rd shot. What was surprising is that shot 28 to about shot 40 is the sweet spot with the highest velocity. Also this is the range where I noticed the sound of each shot was the highest. 

Accuracy from a smooth twist barrel is amazing. I shot groups at 25 yards, all I have without going to the range. All groups were five shots, since the pellet is so large compared to the .22 I thought it may be easier to see the center to center groups. Here is how it shot; 
.169 .179 .245 
.211 .157 .191 
.288 261 .130 last group. 
I used five shots to sight in. Scope was a AEON 10-40x56. So I had zero problems seeing the extra small center on a 10 meter target. I indicated the last group of .130 is the smallest and the last five in a 50 shot string. So it looks like this rifle can be tweeked to shoot tighter then what the groups indicate. Also I need to point out none of the groups were the size of the pellet, but smaller. It was helped by an excellent trigger. It had some first travel but a very crisp let off with no creep at all. This is of course right out of the box. I made zero adjustments to anything on the rifle. 

This rifle is nothing I would carry in the field. Not only do I think it is heavy to bump around the woods. It is expensive and pellets cost quite a bit just to plink. But to take this to shoot extreme bench rest. Absolutely would I take it. As far as just ownership. I would also pass. Lets face it, a person would not just plink with it like I like to do sometimes. And having 74.02 foot pounds it is hard to stop inside a 25 yard range. It eats a phone book in short order. Now if I had a farm with lots of pigeons and crows I may change my mind. 

Here are the velocity readings: 

1) 802.4 11) 842.8 21) 832.0 
2) 836.3 12) 832.4 22) 835.6 
3) 836.9 13) 839.2 23) 847.4 
4) 839.3 14) 843.8 24) 844.3 
5) 839.5 15) 843.1 25) 848.6 
6) 834.1 16) 846.2 26) 854.1 
7) 843.3 17) 835.0 27) 845.9 
8) 834.5 18) 841.2 28) 859.9 
9) 818.2 19) 830.0 29) 860.4 
10) 835.7 20) 835.9 30) 860.2 
31) 859.6 41) 835.5 
32) 856.2 42) 835.5 
33) 863.0 3) 837.1 
34) 856.1 44) 832.1 
35) 856.8 45) 823.6 
36) 858.8 46) 820.6 
37) 848.2 47) 818.4 
39) 862.2 49) 802.5 
40) 848.8 50) 803.1 



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