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Posted by Petr on 9/25/2015 to gun reviews

The Huben K-1 is here ---well ---at least I received a test gun [ not a prototype ].

One of the first things I noticed is the quality of build. The finish is is first class. It a hunting rifle so it is dressed in a smart satin/matt finish. The synthetic stock is ambidextrous and is comfortable. The pistol grip has a good angle and neither too thick of too thin. There finger groves on it make your grip that much more secure.

When I first picked it up out of the crate I thought it's kind of heavy. But when you shoulder it it has excellent balance. It weights about 7.25 lbs with the balance forward the trigger which makes for a steady hold. Most bullpups of this length balance on the pistol grip. The cheek piece is comfortable and helps your eye line up with the scope. The scope rail is Weaver style and is well lined up. The scope I mounted on the K-1 came from one of my Crickets. My first shot was just left of center; That shows that their CNC is set up well in aspect to the barrel alignment.

To load the K-1 is a lot like loading a western six-shooter. First lift the release lever on the left side. That allows the cylinder to rotate. On the right side there are two chambers that you can load without moving the cylinder further. Then just rotate and load till you have all 19 rounds filled. Move the lever back down, safety off, and shoot.......AHH the safety; Not an automatic safety ---that's good. But one of my concerns is a airgun this powerful that it needs a reliable, easy to use safety--and the K-1 does. I tried squeezing very hard on the trigger ----stayed locked. I tried pulling the trigger and hitting the gun---stayed locked; all good. The trigger itself is surprisingly good. Crisp predictable let off, smooth first stage. There is an adjustment screw infront of the blade, but I'll leave that alone---for now :0)

With all this power the K-1 produces it is amazingly quiet. I would never have guessed by the sound that the 25 gr JSB are 50+ foot pounds. Part of the noise reduction system are the micro-holes on top of the shroud. They allow some of the air to escape without making noise themselves. The first time I shot air when I got the gun I pointed the K-1 parallel to my work bench and blow the papers off the table from the air escaping from the top. :0)

The K-1 has a speed dial on the bottom of the stock. Dial it in and it lowers the speed to about 500fps. Turn it out and JSB Monsters are supersonic !!!

I took The Huben K-1 to my backyard range to test out the accuracy. First I turned the power dial down to where the 15.9 JSB are 950 fps. The first groups were not so good. I tried heavies; not so good either. It'll get a raccoon but forget the chipmunk. WHAT's goin' on here ! The Huben has a lot of adjustments to speed AND power. By power, I'm referring to the setting of the regulator. The gauge on the side shows the reg. psi-- 155 bar ----Maybe a bit too much for the soft JSB. Or too much turbilance from the high psi. So I turned the reg down to 110-115 and whalla---groups shrunk down a lot. I can't say they are benchrest groups but you can get that chipmunk now.

I then tried out the power potential with pellets. I dialed the speed up [reg still @ 110] to 940-950 with JSB 25 gr Monsters. Same groups; about 5/8 to 3/4 at 30 yds --- acceptable hunting accuracy for out-of-the-box.

Next time I will test out some swaged bullets.



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