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Posted by Petr on 8/22/2015 to gun reviews
The first impression of the Ocelot is---WOW good looking gun. It has a authoritative appearance. The barrel is shrouded and nicely textured to give is a semi-auto-slide look. The finish looks good quality and is tough ---attaching a scope I fumbled mine on the work bench without a scratch. The grip feels very comfortable; great palm swell and finger rest. I have smaller hands and found the front of the grip a little to square but still ok. To load the Ocelot you push an easily accessible latch on the left side forward and then rotate the breach block to the left exposing the breach. You load directly into the barrel. But you have to be careful to push the skirt of the pellet all the way in otherwise closing the breach bolt can damage the skirt. The latch is spring loaded and locks into place after you rotate the breach block back to the right. Cocks like a revolver. The Ocelot does have a sound moderator built into the shroud. It does a pretty good job. I took the end plug off of mine to hear the difference: BIG difference !! The Ocelot comets with a built in weaver scope rail that is generously long to mount pretty much anything. It also has open sights. The front having a red optic fiber --pretty nice and easy to see. The velocity on mine is 578 fps and varied 3 fps over a 12 shot string. I first shot at 11 yds using JSB 15.89 and was a bit surprised. 20 rounds and the hole was not much bigger than a pellet. I then mounted a stronger mag. scope than the 12x UTG. OK--I admit 40x is a bit much but it happened to be sitting there with the right mounts. I took it to 27 yds with the 16gr JSB and was a bit disappointed; 20 shots, 5/8" groups. So I tried a different pellet; JSB Express---10 shots 3/8--nice !!!. The shot count from 300 bar is a little over 40. 300-80 bar=45 shots. Overall I really like the Ocelot. It has the power of some rifles, and shot count too. This will make a great backpack gun or fun around the campground, shooting some serious small targets --not just soda cans. I put the 3-12x back on. :0)

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