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Posted by Rada on 2/1/2015 to articles
Cricket quarter bore Cricket When TGAG told me they had a .25 in the shipment of crickets I was thrilled. I was looking for a .25, the ones I had previously just didn't cut the mustard. One was a Marauder, luckily I sold that early. Then I bought a three barrel set from AirHog, a .20, .22 and a .25. The only one I couldn't get to shoot was the .25. Luckily Van was gracious enough to purchase the barrel back. So I have pellets but no rifle. Also I never fired a bullpup rifle, a pellet rifle or otherwise. I did hold them before but shooting is something entirely different. When it arrived I was impressed how it felt. The weight is between a persons hands so it feels lighter then it really is. But I will not go into that too much. The feeling of a stock or weight distribution is just too subjective. What else I liked Is the generous picatiny style rail on top. No iron sights or any way to attach them. Just as well, they could not give the accuracy any justice. The magazine is 12 shot, the .22 version is a 14 shot proposition. So I decided that I will just have to shoot 12 round groups. Dug out a 10 meter target in fact five of the black dots to a page. All I had on hand were TGAG's quarter bore pellets. Yes, they are the same as the JSB Kings at 25.4 grains. And the other pellet was Milbro Rhino at 19.0 grains. But at that weight this is one malnourished Rhino. Unfortunately that was all I had for variety so I went with it. First the Rhino; average of the five groups was 1.653. But after I seen the second pellet print a perfect profile on the paper, I should have quit right there. This Rhino supposed to be a round nose pellet. But it looks more like a slightly rounded flat head. And at the weight I suspect it is meant for a springer with less power. I shot some quarter bores over the chronograph and is came in at 41.5 foot pounds. And looking at the holes the Rhino looked like the pellet had a yaw to it. Not a big one and I did not notice while I was shooting but they were there. Only up close I could see the oblong holes. Average came to 1.653 for 60 shots. Next was the JSB quarter bore. First two groups were .319 and .296, seemed very nice but somewhat normal to me. I must also mention that this rifle has recoil. Not much as you would expect but it is there. In fact more then any airgun in the PCP class that I ever shot. So I held on to the cricket bit more then I normally would. And the next group was .177, I could hardly believe my eyes. My fourth group was an unbelievable 172. Fifth and final group came to .234, still smaller then the pellet itself. Total of the 60 shots is .239, still smaller then the pellet. I was just amazed. So the accuracy is one of the main attributes, but, wait there is more. With a full fill it will shoot 60 rounds before it gets to the 100 bar, and needs to be filled. So that is 60 rounds into holes smaller then the diameter of the pellet and doing it with 41.5 foot pounds. I would say that is not bad at all. Just to help the shooters along with pellet consumption the cricket comes with two magazines. I am sure TGAG can provide more mags. The magazine looks very sturdy. I even dropped it couple of times and not even a single pellet fell out. I guess I should admit that was not on purpose, but a good thing to know. The box has extra O rings just in case the O rings on the magazine get worn. I should also mention the moderation of said cricket, which is more then I expected. It is high pitched or I should say higher then most, so the sound does not travel as far as low octave sound. But for the power it generates it is so efficient that anything I heard several times as large. Also worth mentioning is the little sliver of wood on top covering part of the barrel and magazine mechanism. It is a press fit so it will fall off in cases and such. But, for me it makes the rifle that much more comfortable to shoot. Without it your face is on the barrel making it not only cold but uncomfortable. Maybe in time there will be some sort of a clamp offered for it. In fact if it was not for this piece of wood I would not be looking for the money to purchase one. There are some things that I don't like. Me and others what I read is the fill mechanism. A spring loaded manometer pulled forward revealing the hole for the probe. This part has to be held on to otherwise it will slam back in place. I read where a writer was concerned this could damage the O ring or both on the probe. I had it slam down on me when I was pulling the probe out with no damage at all. I even did it on purpose to see if I can get it do something. I could not, no damage either O ring at all. But I would not recommend it in any way, the potential is there, so be careful. The other complaint I have is it takes a while to fill. Meaning when filling be patient it could take several minutes before the pressure is where you want it. This mainly due to the size of the exit hole in the probe, kind of small. I am not sure I would drill it to a large hole. I simply dont know if the fill through the rifle has been calculated for the slow fill . And a large rush of air will damage anything. If anyone is brave enough please let me know. But keep in mind the cricket is fairly new to these shores and the assortment of spare parts is extremely small. I am looking forward to testing the rest of the models. Some have magazine holders incorporated into the stock. There are smaller versions of this rifle with the same stock. I am willing to say they will all be accurate. So far I have not seen a CZ hammer forged barrel to be a lemon. Thanks

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