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Taipan Mutant Short Wood

Part Number 145W
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Taipan Mutant Short Wood
Taipan Shorty
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CZ Barrel

TOPGUN-AIRGUNS  has renegotiated new pricing for the Taipan Mutant.  We have acquired a number of guns without barrels for a good price. 

TOPGUN-AIRGUNS is going to pass this saving on to you.  We have contracted with a barrel manufacturer in the Czech Rep. for barrels for both Shorty and the Standard.

Though we have used this barrel manufacturer for many decades, we will test every gun for accuracy.  BUT not just for one lucky 5 shot group.  We will shoot the whole air supply.....

about 50 rounds. 

ADD A CZ Barrel for $75.00

The Taipan Mutant has a large diameter shroud to make it one of the quietest bullpups. The standard has just over 30 fpe and the Shorty is around 24+ fpe The 12 shot magazine is one of the easiest to operate. Just cock the gun; move the magazine latch rearward; and lift the mag straight up and out. To reinsert; drop the mag into the slot;  and push the side lever forward -----done !!! How easy is that!!  No wrestling or jerking the mag out.

The stock is made from Ash wood . The wood and the finish reminds me of good quality furniture. Perhaps not as fancy as walnut for a stock but the wood is stable and quite light ---as oppose to the weight of Beech or some synthetic stocks.  The stock design might not win any awards for art.  BUT it is pure function.  The dimensions of the stock are perfect; the pistol grip angle is just right, the heel-to-toe length of the but pad is just right for a good shoulder weld,  the fore end is not to thin and is nicely squared off for either mounting hardware for a bipod or just laying flat on a rest.

The Taipan is one of the quietest bullpups made.  The manufacturer of both the Taipan Short and the Taipan Standard has a great idea; separate the barrel farther from the air cylinder in order to fit a larger diameter moderator.  Not only does that make for a quiet PCP but it allows for a better stock dimension.

The Taipan Mutant also has a manual safety inside the trigger guard ---simple and effective.

The Taipan Short lives up to its name,  It is approx 23" long and barely over 6 lbs

On some other guns the hammer-spring cap slowly works it way out. The Taipan Mutant has solved the problem of creep by adding a set screw to lock the hammer spring cap and keep it from moving ---good idea !!!

The Taipan Mutant also has a power adjuster;  Included with each gun are two sets of steel dowels.  One set is used to unscrew the end-cap of the shroud for cleaning. The other you insert into the brass hammer spring cap and turn the cap for more or less power [don't forget to release the set screw on the side]

Here is a very well made video about the Taipan.

Feature: In checking out mention black stock or wood
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