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Vulcan .22 Bullpup

Part Number 90
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Vulcan .22 Bullpup
Shown in walnut stock
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The new Vulcans now have a effective de-pinger; Now the ring sound is almost gone Vulcan has taken a good design and made it better. Starting with top-quality CZ hammer forged barrels for accuracy and a regulated pressure design this IS a winner.

 The side lever is a great design but for a bullpup it's awkward to reach behind your ear to cock and load the gun. The side-bolt is a smarter system. The bolt can be switched from left-side to right-side. With an overall length 26 3/4" and just over 6 lbs this is a bullpup in the truest sense. With a 250 bar fill [can fill to 300] you get over 60 regulated shots at ~30 fpe. 

Now there is a generation #3 Vulcan that comes with a threaded front.  The shroud ends with a thread to attach a LDC.
The thread is 14 mm x 1.25.  If you don't have a mod. with THAT thread [who does in this country :0) ]you will need an 
adapter --item #109 to convert it to 1/2 x 20.  The shroud tune is recommended for this gen. #3 too.

Two 11 round magazines come with each pup. Also included is a quality hard case that will hold a scoped gun.

Feature: Turkish walnut stock
Feature: Very well made. Quality throughout
Feature: Adjustable trigger
Feature: Safety
Feature 5 New moderator design --BIG improvement, a lot quieter
Feature 6
Some of the technical features are: The trigger is adjustable for first stage travel and the 2nd. stage over travel. This allows for a nice crisp trigger. The trigger also has a collar bushing on the trigger linkage to adjust the spring tension for the weight of the trigger pull. The hammer spring has a bushing between it and the spring. This releases the rotational torque of the spring so the spring does not loose energy in rotation. The spring bushing also keeps the spring cap from unscrewing.
Feature 7
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Customer Reviews
Rating I love the .22 Vulcan!
I spent the weekend behind the trigger of my incredible new Vulcan. This gun is SO much fun to shoot. I shot about 300 rounds at paper on Saturday at different distances. The action was a little stiff at first, but everything is breaking in and cycling much smoother already. Iíve got the scope dialed, and everything matches up perfectly with my ChairGun App. Shooting JSB 18.1ís at 900 fps. Accuracy is as good as youíve heard. Itís a laser beam! One-hole groups at 30 yards gets boring after a while! Early Sunday morning, I poured a tall cup of coffee, grabbed my iPhone, and stumbled out onto the deck with the Vulcan sitting patiently on itís bipod. I sat out for about 3 hours enjoying this cooler Fall weather while mindlessly scanning through Facebook. I have a small, suburban lot immediately adjacent to a 15 acre organic farm. The owner and I have become great friends, and we both enjoy eliminating pests with our air rifles. He shoots his trusty Benjamin 392 pumper. Anyway, throughout the morning I managed to pop 3 squirrels at distances ranging from 20-40 yards. Each one was taken with perfectly placed head shots. This Vulcan is unbelievable. I have been shooting my finely tuned Benjamin Marauder Pistol for several years and this Vulcan is on another planet. The fit and finish is just perfect, and the experience of shooting it is very rewarding. The trigger is wonderful right out of the box, but I think I might tinker with it just a little to make it more crisp. But, it definitely doesnít need it. :) The gun IS backyard quiet. As I mentioned before, I do live in a suburban neighborhood, and I do have neighbors on one side of my property. The impact of the pellet makes nearly the exact same sound as the gun itself. I purchased this gun from Peter at Topgun-Airguns and he modified the shroud a little before shipping it out. I donít know what a normal .22 Vulcan sounds like, but this one is smooth, and subtle enough for any outdoor shooting environment I can think of. It makes less noise than any springer Iíve ever heard. I removed the shroud just to hear that difference, and it was so loud that it made my ears ring! Thank goodness for such effective silencers! I filled the gun to 250 bar and shot 7 magazines down to 120 bar! 77 shots and no shift in POI. I could have continued shooting I guess, but I was amazed!
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Reviewed by:  from Austin, Tx.. - 9/21/2015
Rating great gun
love this thing. super accurate using the JSB 15 gr pellets. Peter was a great guy to deal with. I'm a lefty and being able to switch the bolt knob is a huge plus. Highly recommend this rifle.
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Reviewed by:  from FORT WORTH . - 2/3/2016
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