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Vulcan Tactical Rifle .25 Vulcan Tactical Rifle .25
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Magnum Cricket .25
Vulcan .25 magazine

Vulcan 25 cal Bullpup

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Vulcan 25 cal Bullpup
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ALWAYS in Stock!!!
The Vulcan .25 cal is the shortest quarter-bore bullpup made. AND now the quietest !!!
25 cal.
NEW; and it's impressive !!!
The accuracy from the CZ barrel is AWESOME. The bullpup is the same size as the .22 Vulcan but has 46-50 fpe. That is more energy than the FX Bobcat-----that's right !!!! The Vulcan is 10 inches shorter and more powerful than the Bobcat. And almost 8 inches shorter than the FX Wildcat and also more powerful. It's also 3 pounds lighter than the Bobcat!!! Only slightly lighter than the .25 Wildcat.

The 25 also comes with 2 mags. [9 shot] The magazines are designed to hold Polymags.
The baffling system has now been improved; NOW it's backyard quiet -----but don't underestimate the power [use a backstop that's strong enough].

The latest generation has a secret to almost eliminate the ring when shot ---

Now there is a generation #3 Vulcan that comes with a threaded front.  The shroud ends with a thread to attach a LDC.

The thread is 14 mm x 1.25.  If you don't have a mod. with THAT thread [who does in this country :0) ]you will need an adapter --item #109 to convert it to 1/2 x 20.  The shroud tune is recommended for this gen. #3 too.

Now TOPGUN-AIRGUNS is has a tactical version.  The current stocks are Turkis walnut, and quite nice.  Also included is a picatinny rail up front. Same price as the walnut version.

When you check out just mention 'Tactical stock'
Feature: NEW improved de-ping system.
Feature: New and improved moderator. New moderator design --BIG improvement, a lot quieter
Feature 6
The Vulcans HAD a metallic ping. Not anymore. The addition of a vinyl ring around the hammer spring takes the ring away. The band is only snug and not tight. It is made of soft silicon, about 1/4" wide, 3/8 id.

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