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Posted by Brian M on 3/31/2015 to gun reviews
On Friday I received the new Vulcan .25 from Petr at TGAG. The gun came well packaged and in a nice plastic hard case with 2 magazines, a manual and fill probe with hose. My initial impressions of the Vulcan were and are very positive. The gun “feels” well built and the fit and finish are exceptional. I the wood and metal work is on par with the EDgun R3M and it is superior compared to the Cricket. The gun weighs 6 pounds 1 ounce un-scoped and it is very well balanced. The palm swell is perfect and it really aids in shooting the gun. The magazine fits well into the receiver and there is no rattle when attached. The bolt is easy to use and it has a very short throw. The bolt also has the option to lock open and this makes the gun easy to insert a new magazine. The gun comes with a cocking indicator to let you know if the hammer is cocked and the pellet probe will not advance if the magazine is empty. The trigger is exceptional with a very smooth first stage and a crisp positive second. The trigger breaks at 1.4 pounds. It feels lighter however. I cannot do justice to the stock design with just words. This gun is what a bullpup should be. The for-end is perfect and it feels like a toy. The fill port beats the EDgun and Cricket. The port is easy to find on both sides of the tube and the dust cover smoothly rotates to cover the port like the old Falcon.  Shooting the gun was difficult at first. The Vulcan is so short and light that she tends to jump a little when fired. I had to fire a few magazines through the gun before I found the right hand pressure to hold the gun still while firing. The picatinny rail is a good height and it seems perfectly suited for medium rings with a 30 mm tube. The Vulcan is well balanced and short as I already have stated. This is important to note however because choosing the right scope is imperative with this bullpup. I mounted a Hawke 30 sidewinder tactical, Leupold VXIII long range 50 mm objective and a Bushnell AR-optics 4.5X18X42 and they all just didn’t feel right to me. I finally took a Vortex PST 2.5X10 FFP 32mm scope off my SPR AR and BAM! that is the perfect scope for this little bully. I promptly ordered one for this gun.  The first 150 rounds through the gun were disappointing. The accuracy was okay at 50 yards but the velocity was all over the place. The FPS ranged from 912-946 and the shot count was about 45 before it fell off the regulator. Lucky for me I own 2 EDguns and experience has shown me to be patient with a new regulator. When I had 200 shots down range the regulator settled in nicely and the gun hit 928.8 so many times in a row I thought my Chrony had stopped working. I found that 240 BAR was the perfect fill and the gun falls off the regulator at 120 BAR. I got 58 constant shots with an extreme spread of only 3.6 fps . I shot the first 40 shots with a standard deviation of 1 fps and an extreme spread of 3 fps! This regulator works very well.  Since the reader may be using my review to decide on dropping 1500 bucks on this gun I want to be totally honest. There are some items on this gun that could use some improvement. The manometer is too small. It glows in the dark but it’s still hard to see. The numbers are not well marked and since the max pressure is 250 BAR I feel like that number should be clearly marked. The bolt handle is too small. Sometimes when cycling the bolt the gets sticky. Upon investigation of the system I believe this problem stems from when the pellet skirt needs re-sizing and more than normal force is required to push the pellet into the chamber. A larger bolt ball with a longer bolt handle would give the mechanical advantage needed for a consistent bolt cycling. The gun is not backyard friendly. Now some may argue that a 50 foot pound .25 is not a suburbia backyard gun, and to that assertion I would agree. Shooting a .25 in a monopoly style neighborhood may not be wise but none the less if that’s your goal this gun is not for you. So let’s give “loud” a number. For my neighborhood loud is anything over 98 db three feet from the muzzle. Now I know I own an amazon.com decimeter and it’s not the true indicator of db but it does provide a quantitative number so for this purpose it will work. The Vulcan .25 registers 106 db three feet from the muzzle. The Cricket measures 104 db and the EDgun standard .25 is also 106 db. So this gun is sounds the same as the EDgun. The sound is louder to the shooter because of the hammer slap sitting right on the shooter’s ear. From 10 feet all anyone can hear is a whoosh. The moderator on the Vulcan does a good job at dispersing the sound and thus the sound is limited to a very short distance. I do feel however there is room for improvement with the factory LDC. I will end this paragraph with a quote Allen Z said to me one day, "you want a mouse fart quiet .25?...then drop the 5 off the .25 and I'll make it quiet"  The question that you should be asking at this point is “would you buy the gun again?”… YES. The gun is wicked accurate, super compact, well balanced and super fun to shoot. I am very happy. The Vulcan is a very purpose driven gun however, it is made for hunting and pesting. This would not be my first choice for a bench rifle. Horses for courses as they say. I hope this review was helpful and enjoy the photos. Thanks to petr for hand delivering the gun to me and making sure I was happy with the gun.  This one can shoot boys! 

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