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Posted by Petr on 10/9/2010 to articles

The Colibri / Hummingbird is here: But NOT in semi-auto. The design is ingenious ---A Swiss watch. It is made as a solid design; well thought out.


I have shot the new arrivals and they ARE NICE. The Colibri are quiet --quieter than the Cricket. The sounds is like you have a 12 fpe gun and not 30 fpe. Very easy to cock. It's hard to imagine there is a magnum spring inside. I shot them for accuracy at 30 yds and ----boring---the entire 14 shots mag empties into a single .25-.30 hole.

It turns out I like the Colibri A LOT. The Hummingbird balances nicely, and the large diameter air tube is very comfortable to hold. The bolt is just above your left thumb [right hand shooters] which makes very easy, quick access to the bolt to throw in another round. May not be as fast as a semi-auto, but it's fast. Because the gun balances evenly in your shooting hand you can almost keep the cross-hair on target while holding the Hummer with one hand

If the Colibri was available before the Cricket I would have pick the Colibri first! I personally like the style a little more----Yes I do have all of them in the collection including some Edguns and a Bobcat---but I like the Hummer the best. It's more sleek looking and it's a little lighter.

Some of the nit-picky things about the Colibri is: when you insert the magazine you need to be parallel with the top of the receiver, and another thing I don't like is... well----

that's it.

Shooting it I have yet to discover any weak points. The trigger is adjustable for the first stage take-up, but you need to remove the action from the stock. I have played with adjusting the power only a briefly and found out that if you tighten the hammer spring screw you loose power. So I left mine flush with the back of the receiver for 900 fps.

In the mean time the manual Colibri is available. It's quite the gun in and of it's self. 28-30 fpe, 70 shot form the regulator, adjustable butt pad, 14 shot mag. easy bolt action, light and compact.

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