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Compairing hunting guns

Posted by Rada on 10/12/2014 to articles

Choosing a hunting airgun

CZ-200 on CO2

Posted by Rada on 10/12/2014 to articles

Cz -S200 on CO2
The other day I stopped in TGAG workshop to see what is new. I noticed what looked like an adapter. Turned out it is a CO2 adapter for a S200 tube for CO2. It was interesting enough I borrowed it for my S200 in .177. And I am glad I did this turned out to be quite useful. First thing I did was a shot count at 160 shots I noticed a drop in my zero. Next came a chronograph test and for air my S200 shoots a JSB 8.44 pellet 858 foot per second. With the CO2 fill it will drop down to 507fps. Not that I am surprised since I am going from little less than 3000 psi to little over 900 psi. What I was looking for was the shot count and accuracy. I was not disappointed either way. Accuracy was same hole even though I was using pellets I would not consider the top of line anymore. Shot count about tripled which was great. I have access to lots of air from scuba shops near me. But I was thinking people that have to drive lots of miles for a fill this may make a lot of sense.
 Most small town have, I am presuming here, a welding shop or access to a CO2 source. Filling the tube is straight forward. Unscrew the air tube from the rifle, screw it on the adapter. Which is screwed to the CO2 tank. Invert the tank, if there is not an internal hose inside the tank. Open the valve wait for the hiss to stop turn the valve off, and you are ready to go. Foot pound of energy also went way down from 13.79 fps for air to 4.79 with CO2. So on CO2 the rifle became a 10 meter rifle. Also it became much quieter and made it apartment or backyard friendly.
 TGAG also modifies the S200 and has all sorts of upgrade parts for it. Here is a laundry list of sorts; Bolt; Brass, nickle, Anodized Aluminum Barrel Band; 10 mm wide and 20 mm wide Brass Anodized Aluminum Target trigger with brass or anodized shoe. Quick fill with front fill and manometer front with front fill. 12 shot magazine LDC 30mm or 22 mm Air strippers Stronger hammer springs. Metal stocks in field target or bench rest configuration. Also TGAG turns the S200 into pistols. They are bit larger then any 10 meter pistols but they will make it custom for field target. I had one made for free style silhouette shooting. It is a two tone black and silver and amazingly accurate. The choices of configuration are amazing. Thanks Rada

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