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FIELD TARGET pistol & rifles:

Because the FT equipment is so demanding, Topgun-Airguns has new line of precision Field Target pistols [FT]. They are designed from precision platforms and perform without the need to modify or improve anything. They are made for the serious marksman. The pistols are designated 'PRB' to show they came from TGAG custom shop. The knee riser can be custom made to accommodate personal preference and/or club rules. None of the FT pistols leave the shop without proving themselves on the range.

The AA-400 bolt action has all the qualities you expect from Air Arms. The 14" barrel produces 11 foot pounds of energy [fpe]. The knee riser is optional and is removable. This one is available in red or turquoise but the model is in limited supply.
$ 628.00

The AA-400SL is a fantasy come true. The side lever is as smooth as silk and the trigger is outstanding. The 14" barrel has a shroud which helps quiet the power. The shroud also has a threaded end. The power is externally adjustable and goes up to 20 fpe. which is enough to make it a mini-hunter. . The 400SL has available a wood stock to use as a carbine or you can get the metal stock which is convertible -rifle to pistol. The 400SL comes in red, turquoise, silver or green.
Wood:1250.00  /  With metal stock: $ 1350.00

The CZ-200 FT pistol has the famous top quality hammer forged barrel known for its accuracy. It has a 12" barrel and puts out 9-12 fpe [depending on your setting]. Pictured is a two piece stock but will come with a one piece exotic wood or textured. Comes in silver or black.
$ 628.00

The TAU-300 FT pistol uses a regulator for consistency from shot to shot. It has a smooth side lever and a fantastic trigger that is crisp and smooth. The trigger also adjusts for length of pull [LOP] and the finger pad adjusts for angle. The 16mm barrel is 12" long and comes with a factory moderator.
$ 1250.00


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