Carette Filter w/PMV (Pressure Maintaining Valve)

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The Carette Filter is an economical moisture filter that will keep your PCP airgun tank free of moisture. The Carette Filter TRULY WORKS and comes with everything necessary for a filter to work:

  • PMV: Pressure Maintaining Valve is 100% necessary for a Filter to work. Same idea as on our $20,000 Bauer Compressors.
  • Condensate collection area: The water must be collected, and kept separate from the filter media to prevent saturation of the filter media.
  • Bleeder: The collected water must be drained out of the filter, or the media will absorb the moisture indirectly from the moisture’s vapor.

The Carette Filter uses bulk filter media compressed tightly inside a stainless steel canister.

Simple to operate; just click the female quick disconnect from the hose of your compressor to the bottom male quick input of our filter, and the female quick disconnect of the hose from your air tank to the male quick disconnect (output) of our filter. Simple as that! Hose available if you wish to fill directly to an air rifle.

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