Daisy Avanti Gold Medalist 887 CO2 Air Rifle

Daisy Avanti Gold Medalist 887 CO2 Air Rifle



Building on the reputation of Daisy’s AVANTI Medalist, Model 888, the AVANTI model 887 Gold Medalist sets a new standard for competition shooters. Daisy added a handsome wood laminate stock and our finest competition sights. A properly filled cylinder will get a competitor through an entire match.
Includes rail adapter. Trigger pull length is adjustable from 12 inches to 13.75 inches. Trigger pull is adjustable to 2.0 lbf. Daisy’s AVANTI Gold Medalist, Model 887 is designed for use by experienced shooters and is intended for match competition or target range use.

  • Front globe sight with changeable aperture inserts.
  • Rear diopter sight with micrometer click adjustment for windage and elevation.
  • Lothar Walther™ rifled high-grade steel barrel.
  • Refillable 2.5 oz. CO2 cylinder.

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Weight 3.311224301 lbs


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