Feinwerkbau (FWB) 800 Aluminum Red Bench

Feinwerkbau (FWB) 800 Aluminum Red Bench




The Feinwerkbau 800 Aluminum Bench Rest is another great gun from FWB that contains a newly designed Aluminum stock with the distinctive
Feinwerkbau line design. The FWB 800 Aluminum has many similar features to the 800X model, but slightly shorter and therefore slightly lighter.
Just like the other 800 series guns, the 800 Aluminum has Feinwerkbau’s innovative regulator and patented stock absorber to provide ideal
conditions for a smooth shooting performance. No shooter is going to be able to get that perfect shot unless they are completely comfortable
with the gun. To help with that, Feinwerkbau has added the following adjustable features:

  • Trigger-pull is adjustable from 30 to 60 grams and from 60 to 150 grams
  • 20 Click match rear sight – 4×4 Vario-Sight adjustable 40.4 – 60mm can be adjusted to 5 different heights.
  • Laterally adjustable front sight
  • Completely adjustable cheekpiece
  • Aluminum adjustable butt plate
  • Adjustable grip
  • Adjustable height riser mounts
  • Height adjustable handrest
  • Removable compressed air cylinder with manometer

All these features are exactly what a shooter needs to win that Olympic gold metal. If all the great features of this bench rest gun were not enough,
the gun includes a hard plastic rifle case with combination lock, small toolkit and fill adapter at no extra charge.

Additional information

Weight4.5994266318 lbs
Right/Left Handed



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