Feinwerkbau (FWB) 800 X Benchrest
Feinwerkbau (FWB) 800 X Benchrest
Feinwerkbau (FWB) 800 X Benchrest

Feinwerkbau (FWB) 800 X Benchrest




This is the Benchrest version of the Feinwerkbau 800 X. The FWB 800 X
sets a new standard in quality, functionality, design and shooting
performance of match air rifles. The 800 X has no compromise about the
incorporated technology. The 800 X uses an innovative regulator to
control shot velocity with near perfection. The gun also has
high-precision trigger components and improved airflow, to show an
extremely short development time for the shots. Aside from the action,
special attention should be paid to the various adjustabilities of the
Model 800 X. The rear stock can be moved crosswise twice and is
adjustable in height and angle; and all this without interference of the
preset sight-line. This feature makes conversion of the stock from
right to left possible without complexity. The cheek piece has a two
edge radius’ (square or round) and can be rotated by 180° enabling the
shooter to determine his/her favorite aiming position. Moreover the
cheek piece is adjustable in height, direction and angle. The cocking
lever of the model 800 in basic position is free-adjustable by 360° and
can be pivoted inward and outward. All of these features combined with
the typical-distinctive Feinwerkbau lines of the Model 800 X, are sure
to visually impress any shooter!

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Weight4.898797596 lbs
Right/Left Handed



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