Weihrauch HW35E Walnut

Weihrauch HW35E Walnut

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Impressive, timeless, tradition, craftsmanship, these are but a few
descriptions of the HW35E. The HW35 is one of the most respected airguns
of the last 50 years. Built with emphasis on quality first, the HW35
will give you generations of precision shooting pleasure. The
refinements unlike any current production spring piston air rifle
available. The barrel breach has a locking system that gives the same
accuracy as the finest fixed barrel guns. This feature provides accuracy
with a scope or open sights and still maintains the ease of cocking a
break barrel gun as well as ample room to load. The action has a very
short piston stroke that produces little recoil and smooth firing cycle.
The action cylinder is assembled with a seamless rear cylinder cap that
makes for a beautiful rifle. One of the most striking features of the
35E is the European walnut stock with grip cap, finger grooves, and hand
cut checkering on the grip. The 35E’s stock represents beauty and
function not found on other air rifles. The power level of the 35E is
ample for small game out to 50 yards or better. With the match grade
“Record” trigger puts the 35E on par with the best spring piston FT guns
available, with a match grade “rekord” trigger as well. Sling swivels
are standard on this deluxe model.

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Weight3.538020486 lbs

.177, .22


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