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Introducing the new and improved FX Wildcat MkIII BT! This Wildcat has everything you love about the original MKIII model and more. The light-weight bullpup design continues to be the main attraction to this gun, and you will have the high capacity side-shot magazines and macro/micro adjustment dial still at your disposal.

The BT is equipped with full sized Bottles instead of aluminum air tubes! The compact version will have a 300cc, 250 BAR bottle (30% more volume and 20 BAR higher max pressure), and the sniper version will have a 580cc, 250 BAR bottle (almost double the air volume and 20 BAR higher max fill pressure). The newly introduced VP will have a 400cc, 230 BAR bottle, which is still 25% larger than the original sniper air tube.

FX is also introducing dual AMP regulators and a massive 89cc power plenum to the Wildcat MKIII platform. Not only does the dual regulator set-up maximize your accuracy with a more consistent output pressure, it also allows you to upgrade your bottles to 300 BAR! The new addition of the power plenum makes this a formidable slug gun contender as well!

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.22, .25, .30

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