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Saber Tactical FX Panthera Front Bottle Adapter



The FX Panthera is one heavy hitter! With the possibility of sending a 40 grain slug down range at up to 1040 fps, it is approaching actual .22 long rifle power! With PRS minded design and the front mounted arca rail and barricade block, the bottle had to be repositioned to the rear of the rifle, limiting its size. The 300cc bottle only gets you about 12 shots at that power, leaving hunters and other shooters that require more shots per fill out in the cold.

Saber Tactical has introduced their solution for those looking to maximize their Panthera’s shot count potential with the Front Bottle Adapter. Paired with our new 700cc bottle, you can get a full 1000cc of air, A WHOLE LITER! This BEAST of a combo can improve your shot by over 300%, giving you the confidence to trek out and not worry about running out of air.

Check out the adapter mounted with our 700cc bottle:


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