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TJ3 Dual Gauge Valve


TJ3 Dual Gauge Valve


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The absolute best Dual gauge valve system for your airtank. With the TJ3 Dual Gauge system, you have the main glycerin filled gauge (2.5″on 7/8″ & M18 thread and 2″ on the 5/8″) that reads out clearly and accurately the air going into your gun’s airtank. The 1.7″ dial gauge shows the air reserves in the air tank at all times. Once you get used to not having to put a dead head on your airline to check air pressure, then wasting the air from the lines, you’ll never know how you lived without the ability to just look at your airtank’s air pressure gauge.

The main threads going into your tank have 3 different options:
– 5/8 inch thread (for most carbon fiber paintball bottles)
– 7/8 inch thread (for most SCBA tanks)
– M18 thread (for most SCBA sourced from china)

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Thread Type

7/8", 5/8", M18


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