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The Texan SS: Quiet, Compact, Powerful. This suppressed version of our Texan Carbine is a favorite for blind hunters going after deer, hogs, coyote, and larger game. Our integral Sound-Loc suppression takes the bark our of the Texan platform making this rifle as stealthy as it is deadly. Featuring the new for 2019 TX2 valve system and a DOT rated 250 BAR carbon fiber tank the Texan is capable of producing over 620 foot-pounds of energy!* Every Texan rifle is made right here, in our Ft. Worth Texas-based factory, with the exception of our match grade barrels sourced from Lothar Walther in Germany. The Texan platform has been in production since 2015 and no other big bore air rifle is as trusted or proven for reliability and lethality. Having taken all manner of game the world over the Texan .457 CF Series is the perfect tool for your next hunt.

*Depending on bullet weight and tank pressure


Expected Velocity Estimates:

.457 Caliber With Carbon Fiber Tank Shot Data
Ammo Weight Velocity Shot Count Energy
250 Grain 884 FPS 3 to 4 433 FPE
350 Grain 810 FPS 3 to 4 510 FPE
405 Grain 779 FPS 3 to 4 545 FPE
495 Grain 752 FPS 3 to 4 621 FPE
520 Grain 751 FPS 3 to 4 651 FPE

.510 Caliber With Carbon Fiber Tank Shot Data
Ammo Weight Velocity Shot Count Energy
388 Grain 762 FPS 3 to 4 500 FPE
520 Grain 730 FPS 3 to 4 615 FPE
612 Grain 676 FPS 3 to 4 621 FPE
622 Grain 677 FPS 3 to 4 633 FPE

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.457, .50

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