460cc Monster Bottle

EdGun Leshiy 2 Monster Bottle 460CC



Introducing the custom Leshiy 2 Monster Bottle. This custom-made 460CC reservoir is the perfect size for the Leshiy 2, with a large air capacity without sacrificing weight and bulk. EDgun decided on the 460 bottles, not just for the Leshiy 2, but also because we wanted to make a one-size-fits-all large capacity carbon fiber bottle to meet a rigorous day of shooting. Whether taking the Leshiy 2 out for a hunt or if you need a few extra shots to clear your PRS course,  EGW has you covered.
  • Custom Mat Finish
  • Nominal Capacity.48L
  • Working Capacity .46L
  • Working Pressure 300 BAR
  • Length 7.8 Inches
  • Width 2.9 inches


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