FX Angled Manometer Bracket



Competition and bench shooters rely on the ability to monitor all aspects of their rifle, providing the feedback needed to ensure their rifle is performing at its peak. The FX Angled Manometer Bracket allows M3 owners the ability to have their second regulator gauge angled back where they can easily monitor their working regulator pressure. The FX Impact M3 was built with the ability to move the regulator gauge from its standard position underneath the back block, to an angled position on the right side of the main block. Perfectly positioned to read with- out the need to break your cheek weld. The angled bracket comes with a plug allowing you to move the existing FX Wika Gauge from the rear position to this new 45° angled position. The bracket is also popularly paired with the FX Keller Digital Manometer for an even higher level of accuracy and feedback.


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