Hawke Optics Frontier LRF 10×42 Binocular



The Hawke Frontier LRF binoculars use high light transmission optics and a red colored OLED display to make the view to your target clearer than ever before. Frontier LRF Binoculars are designed to deliver highly accurate distance measurements with the press of a button. They are ergonomically constructed to fit comfortably in your hand with easy access to both of the control buttons.

Its range finding capabilities include: Distance, Rain, Hunt, Near, Horizontal Distance and Angle modes. The display brightness can be manually adjusted between 6 levels of brightness. The LRF requires a 3V CR2 battery and will automatically turn off after 15 seconds of no operation to save power.


  1. Aim point with horizontal and vertical guides.
  2. Measuring units (M = meters, Y = yards)
  3. Distance readout
  4. Targeting modes
  5. Horizontal and angle readout
  6. Laser emission signal
  7. Low battery indicator


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