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We have developed a .30 caliber speedloader and sorter for the FX Impact.  This kit allows you to easily sort, store, and load your magazines, making the most frustrating part, no longer loading the ammo, but buying it.
We originally developed this product because of the lack of options for a .30 caliber speedloader/sorter combo.  We took the time to develop a robust, reliable option that has good durability in all weather conditions, reliable manufacturing of a consistent product and something that would benefit the end-user.
With this speedloader you have the option to take out the set pellet by simply unlocking the lid to the open position, dumping out the set pellet, and proceeding as normal from there.  You also have the option to load all 23 pellets in to the magazine at once, with a bit of practice and finesse, it becomes the fastest method to load your FX Impact .30cal magazines.
.177 | .22 | .25 calibers are being developed, we prioritized .30 as its not readily available (we like shooting .30)

This kit includes 4 speedloaders, 4 lids for the speedloaders and 1 pellet sorter.

***This Pellet sorter has only been tested and verified for FX and JSB .30 Caliber Pellets.  The sorter does not work for Slugs, however the speedloaders will work with any rounds that fit into a .30 caliber FX Impact magazine.***

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