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ZBROIA Biathlon is a rifle of the Ukrainian company producing air rifles with pre-charging pneumatic system. This model was developed by order of the Biathlon Federation of the Kharkov region and is used for training future biathlonists of Ukraine.  All the latest developments of the company in the manufacture of pneumatics with pre-pumping (PCP) were implemented in this model. Now even children (under supervision of trainers) can use our PCP rifle Biathlon.

An upgraded Biathlon rifle was launched in 2021. The new cocking/loading system has similarities with similar Fortner-type systems used by professional sportsmen in firearms Biathlon rifles. The cocking process has become very fast and convenient. The sportsman can keep his eyes on the target for a second.


The first thing that defines that rifle to the biathlon sport is massive stock of ash tree, which are the basis for combining all parts of the rifle into a single product. The stock has adjustable cheek and a back that is so necessary for individual adjustment to each sportsman. Magazines holder is at the right side of the stock. The antabs installed in the stock give the opportunity to install a special belt (need to be ordered additionally) for carrying the rifle or a hand stopper (need to be ordered additionally).

There is a module combining all parts, such as trigger, safety device, and other elements of the trigger, barrel, reservoir, dioptric sight and other parts installed in the stock.


The Biathlon rifle is the product of ZBROIA’s complete production cycle. Barrels of own manufacture, executed on machine tools with a digital program control (CNC). This allows serial production of products with maximum repeatability. The material of production is steel. And 12 rifling made in the channel of the barrel give accuracy of each series of shots.

High Pressure Air Reservoir

A good high-pressure reservoir is one of the most important parts of a rifle with pre-charging pneumatic system. It keeps that energy, thanks to which shooting takes place. You can choose from a model with a reservoir of 200 cm3 or an enlarged reservoir of 200 cm3. The maximum pressure is 300 bar. The reservoir is equipped with an exact mechanism called a reducer (regulator), which allows minimizing the difference, at the first (with a fully inflated reservoir) and the last shot.


The Biathlon rifle as well as other models has an advantage over spring-piston rifles in the form of multi-charge. The rifle is completed with six magazines for 5 shots each. They are conveniently held in a special drive, which can be worn both in the pocket and when mounted on the stock.

Dioptric Sight

A dioptric sight is used for aiming. For greater versatility, the kit includes a spare aperture diopter with an aperture of 1.5 mm (installed 1.4 mm) and 5 flies.


The Biathlon model with Picattiny rail, shroud, removable silencer and an increased energy of shots could be executed also.


NameModelTotal Length, mmWidth, mmHeight, mmBarrel Length, mmReservoir Volume, ccCalibre, inchMagazine Capacity, pcs.Weight, kgMaximal Energy*, J

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.177, .22

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