Daystate Red Wolf Safari High Power
Daystate Red Wolf Safari High Power
Daystate Red Wolf Safari High Power

Daystate Red Wolf Safari High Power




Now for bigger game. A bold challenge by Daystate that the new Red Wolf Safari high performance air rifle meets
with ease. The new Daystate Safari GC2 power plant provides a massive power upgrade and faster speed of the action’s cycling rate. Each Safari
has three individual power settings that can be selected by the shooter in seconds to satisfy any target or hunting requirements. The Red Wolf
Safari’s LCD screen displays the state of air pressure in tenths of a bar, shot count, total shots fired, magazine counter and more. The heart
of the water proof computer controlled system is the electronic MCT. This firing valve takes pressure readings from the carbon fiber air
supply and relays to the system the air pulse required in order to give the maximum shots per fill for tight shot-to-shot consistency and bench
rest winning accuracy.

The new Daystate A.R.T. barrel on each of the Safari rifles has been developed and tested to provide the best
long range accuracy from an air rifle. This new barrel technology is the result of hundreds of hours in testing many different design
specifications such as choke, spin rate, profile, lead in, ballistic coefficients etc. The large capacity battery powering the unit is
conveniently stored in the grip for easy access and provides thousands of shots before a recharge is required from the included charger. There
is no finer trigger on a sporting air rifle than the fully tune-able
match unit on the Red Wolf Safari. The trigger can be set to break on a
breath or set for sporting applications as needed. The action of the Red
Wolf Safari features a left or right hand reversible, super glide side
lever that requires almost no effort. The action is fast and positive
and the new GC2 (or gun control unit) can provide the power required for
speed competitions or a lighting fast follow up shot in the field. The
Red Wolf Safari has a 10-shot magazine or can be used with the included
single shot tray. The carbon fiber shroud system reduces muzzle report
with minimal weight and adds to the impressive appearance of the air
rifle. Each Red Wolf Safari is nestled into a unique Italian produced
stock. This beautiful stock has a patented finish applied that is
extremely rugged. The weather resistant process requires hours of hand
labor resulting in a non slip surface that is durable and elegant. The
stock has been crafted with a thumb up or around position and fine
stippling on the grip areas. A soft touch adjustable cheek piece and
three way adjustable butt pad complete the Safaris attention to detail. A
five year transferable warranty comes standard.

The Daystate Safari represents the absolute pinnacle in airgun accuracy, technology, performance and quality!

*The Red Wolf Safari can be further tuned
with an optional Daystate programmer within the rifles limits. This
feature is not for the novice as it allows each power level program to
be manipulated to achieve the best speed and accuracy for a given pellet
out of each individual rifle. A specialized Accuracy Research Team or
A.R.T. tune is available as an optional upgrade this highly advanced
custom work is performed by a specialist A.R.T member with many hours
spent in shooting each rifle with software customizing and barrel
conditioning. The A.R.T. tune is NOT required for match winning
performance it is only for those desiring to squeeze every ounce of
accuracy out of each individual rifle. Daystate has included the default
program if the user wants to return to the factory settings.

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.22, .25, .30

Optional Upgrade Tune



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