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FX Removable Harmonic Barrel Tuner 1/2″ UNF



*Not recommended for long/free floating barrels.


  • Metallic alloy construction
  • Allows precise tuning
  • Tool-free rotating running weight for micro-adjustments
  • Threaded ends for .177/.22, .25, and .30 cal.
  • Compatible with all airguns with a 1/2″x20 UNF threaded end


The FX Removable Harmonic Barrel Tuner is an airgun tuner with a rotating weight that attaches to the 1/2″ UNF threads at the end of a barrel to allow for precise adjustments to POI based on the harmonics of an individual air rifle. It uses a special metallic alloy and comes with three threaded ends for different calibers: .177/.22, .25, and .30, that act as air strippers for greater accuracy and allow for the addition of a moderator.

The rotating weight has notches that can be used as a guide when tuning, and small adjustments can yield a noticeable difference in the accuracy and performance of the air rifle. It has been engineered to be adjusted without tools, and it also maintains its adjustment without tools or screws.


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