Mav-WCIII Slug Power Kit

FX Maverick/Wildcat MKIII Slug Power Kit


Purchasing the slug power kit along side a new rifle? We can install it for you!


FX Wildcat MKIII/Maverick Slug Power Kit

  • Adjustable pin probe for .22 caliber, with .25 caliber sleeve
  • Heavier hammer
  • Compatible with FX Wildcat MKIII and FX Maverick


This Slug Power Kit will increase the power of the FX Wildcat MKIII and FX Maverick when shooting slugs and allow custom tuning with a variable-length pellet probe that adjusts via an Allen bolt in the rear of the probe.  The pin probe is compatible with .22 caliber versions of these air rifles, and .25 caliber versions with the included sleeve and O-rings, and allows fine-tuning that facilitates maximum accuracy.

The kit also includes a heavier hammer that will increase the power and velocity of each shot to give shooters even more performance than the base airgun provides, with possible velocity increases of up to 98 FPS.


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